Ocean Designs - Beach Towels

I signed up with  Make It In Design for their Summer School 2018.  I'm halfway through the first weeks brief, which seems to have turned into rather a large project, so I'll post it when I've made more headway. But the week 2 brief, which was to design a beach towel, tied in really nicely with the Tropical Fish designs I've been working on so I decided to use them... this is not something I've ever attempted before and I rather surprised myself with just how much my photoshop skills have developed in the last few months! I quite like the idea of collaborating with an Ocean Awareness charity and upon the sale of  my product designs donating a percentage. Anyway, just a dream at the moment, but it's good to dream... right! 

Tropical Fish Underwater Ocean Designs on Beach Towels by Susie Batsford