BA Textiles - Preparing for Year 3 Submission

I haven’t posted much for a few months and that’s quite simply because I’ve been absolutely snowed under with work. Switching from Illustration to Textiles and Surface Design for the Final Year of my degree has been such a massive learning curve, it’s utterly wonderful to learn something new, but at times it has also felt overwhelming. I’m now in my last week before having to submit the entire body of work I’ve created in the last few months. Our module has been all about Innovation and Experimentation. Quite honestly, each and every new process I’ve learnt… and there have been quite a number of them, has for me been experimental in itself. There are so many new skills to learn and get up to speed with, from seemingly simple things such as how to make a collection cohesive to different dye techniques and fabric surfaces and a huge variety of different technical processes. Gradually, very gradually I am getting there, although I still have a huge amount to learn.

For now though, I thought I would leave you with a development on my New Year design which has sparked so many new creative ideas of its own.

Hand Painted Daisy Design Pattern by Susie Batsford

Preparing for Print

Graphite Pencil Sketch of Rural Indian Girl with Pastel Background

Pencil Drawing of Gandhi

Graphite Drawing of Rural Indian Farmer

It's hard to believe that I've spent the whole weekend playing in Photoshop, preparing my images for the printer.  I rather naively thought it would only take a morning.  I'm sure I've been missing a trick and there are far more efficient ways to achieve my desired outcome.  Anyway, here's a selection of some older portrait drawings which I've re-invented onto pastel backgrounds, rather than their original graphite.  I'm going to add them to my gallery so you can view them here too: