BA Textiles - Product Visualisation Boards

The last week has been completely nuts in preparation for the great ‘Hand In’ tomorrow! The list of requirements is seemingly endless and each aspect takes sooo long to manifest! I am a virtual stranger to my poor long suffering family. For the last 3 days I’ve been working solidly from 5am to 9pm while my dear supportive husband take’s care of the day to day running of life at home with a busy family. If only he knew just how much I appreciate him… perhaps I’ll think of something fantastic and creative in equal measure to make it up to him!

For our brief, we were each given two words to work with, mine were ‘Opulence’ and ‘Ornamental’. We then had to take those two words and investigate a whole series of design making solutions culminating in two completely different collections. So, here are my final visualisation boards for those two separate collections. Neither board has all my designs on it, but I will have more time to share those with you after tomorrow. Now, wish me luck, I still have a very long list to complete!

Opulence Home Decor Interior BA Surface Design Visualisation Board by Susie Batsford
Ornamental Geometric Stationery Visualisation Board BA Surface Design by Susie Batsford

BA Textiles: Experiments With Geometrics

With the year nearly over and the first term of the final part of my degree complete, I have a great deal to reflect upon. Choosing to take this final year in Surface Pattern Design has been an enormous undertaking, as I get my head around different processes and industry terminology. My actual ‘hand-in’ date isn’t until the end of January, so over the next month I’m hoping that all my work since September will start to come together. It feels as though I’m a long way off realising the briefs requirements at the moment.

Ultimately, it will all culminate in two very different collections of 10 pieces, a sketchbook, a fabric swatch book, a customer board and inspiration board and among other things, 2 final visualisation boards . The module is all about experimentation and for me virtually each and every process in the workshop spaces has been an utterly new experience. I’ll share some of those pieces over the coming weeks. But for now, I thought I’d begin by showing you some of the simple geometric collection I’ve been working on. Geometrics are quite a departure from my normal work and I’m not entirely comfortable with them. Some are created by hand and some I’ve learnt to create digitally in Photoshop. It’s made me realise how much I miss my trusty old paintbrush and watercolour paints though and I’m looking forward to reacquainting myself with them in the New Year!

Surface Design Peacock
Textile Design Triangles
Textile Design Geometric Triangles
Textile Design Parquet
Textile Design Retro
Textile Design Chevrons