Enjoying the Little Things: Patterns

My adventure in simple patterns with CreativeBug has been continuing in the background of other work.  It's so therapeutic and is a great way to try some different colour combinations and become acquainted with my beautiful set of Turner Acryl Gouache.  At some point I'd like to come back to the paisley and paint it in several colour ways.  But for now the month ahead is very full with various other arty projects.  


Patterns in Gouache

For Christmas I got an amazing spangly new set of 24 Turner Acryl Gouache paints, the colours are soooo vibrant!  So, what better way to try them out than joining in with Lisa Congdon's 'Daily Painting Challenge' over at Creative Bug.  Here's a little montage of the first 4 days: Gingham, Plaid, Scallop and Argyle. By the end I should have 31 patterns.. fun!