Under The Sea

I've been getting a little bit carried away with my underwater themes of late... perhaps it's all this hot weather we're having!  I've just been taking a class with Stephanie Fizer Coleman over on Atly on Texture and Pattern in Photoshop.  It's opened a whole new world of texture in my illustrations and in this piece I've been trying to incorporate some of what I've learned.  I really like the depth that the textures add to my layers when I'm digitally collaging hand rendered pieces.  In the meantime, my workload is piling up while I've been getting so absorbed and I've really got to get back to finishing that mermaid journal!

Crab Under the Sea Mixed Media Susie Batsford

Here's A Little Fishy...

Ok so now I've got that tune on slow repeat in my head, although I only remember the first two lines! Anyway, I'm joining in with the Folio Focus Summer Reboot over at Rise Design and Shine.  It's giving me a chance to revisit some old work which was previously quite rushed and unfinished.  This project is based around nautical theme and needs to end up as a journal cover design.  I've reworked the mermaid completely and found the time to paint some of the hand drawn motifs I'd previously created.  Taking my time really with this one as it's giving me the opportunity to really think about building layers and texture when I collage the hand rendered pieces together in photoshop.  There'll be more to come, but this is where I've got to so far!

Mermaid Underwater Scene Watercolour Painting by Susie Batsford
Tropical Fish Coral and Seaweed Watercolour Painting by Susie Batsford