Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2018

This years first round of the GTS is finally upon us!  We received the brief two weeks ago and deadline was today.  A journal cover which included; Japanese Anemones, Stag-horn Ferns, Hand Lettering and an optional figure.  I've been hidden away, immersed in creative bliss and enjoying every minute of the process and am pleased to have a new piece of work for my portfolio.  Meanwhile, the results of the first round will be published on Friday, along with the gallery of entries which promise to be a feast for the eyes.  There are only 50 artists chosen to get through to the next round and the standard of work is just incredible, I have been genuinely blown away as my Instagram feed fills up with visual gorgeousness.  The judges are going to have a difficult task ahead of them, I certainly would find it very hard to whittle down.  This is the stuff hopes and dreams are made of and I wish all of my fellow artists, many of whom are friends, the best of luck as we all hold our breath and wait until Friday!


Mats Bootcamp 2018 - Who's Bag Is This?

Throughout January I have been working away on the first Bootcamp Assignment of the year.  Having illustrated the contents of my own bag, we were then asked to imagine and illustrate what we thought might be in the bag of someone famous.  In hindsight, perhaps I should have added a few more things to make it a little more obvious, since my bag of contents definitely had a large dose of creative license.  But for now, can you guess whose bag I had to illustrate?


It's 2018 - Happy New Year!

So, another year is upon us, which means another chance to consider what's past and embrace what's to come.

I've certainly been doing my fair share of that this past week and have a lot of plans for the coming year.  To help me along, I've been working through The Design Trust's planner for creatives: Dream Plan Do.  It's a truly wonderful little planner that has really got me thinking and believe me, I need something to help me make sense of my journey and organise my time (not something that comes very naturally)!  

First up for me this year is Mats Bootcamp starting on the 8th January.  It runs for 5 months with just one assignment each month and is something I've started to participate in annually.  I can hardly wait for it to begin, it's full of inspiration and I always come away feeling enriched and with new friends.  But in the meantime, I'm looking at using new skills I've learnt in the past year to revisit old work, I guess we'll see what happens!

For now, my wish is for 2018 to be full of creativity, happiness and success to you all!


Dream Plan Do, The Design Trust, Planner, New Year, 2018
Happy New Year, Hand Lettering, Watercolour