Dreams of the Ocean

My big goal for this year is to really work hard on developing a strong portfolio. When the opportunity to sign up for the highly regarded Folio Focus class presented itself to me, I naturally decided to jump in. The first assignment was to design a notebook cover around the theme 'Nautical'. Honestly, this is such a great theme, once you start thinking about it, there is so much potential and I really could just keep on going. But, time is not on my side right now as I have other work to be getting on with too. So here is my mermaid and her fishy friends!


Mats Bootcamp 2018 - Who's Bag Is This?

Throughout January I have been working away on the first Bootcamp Assignment of the year.  Having illustrated the contents of my own bag, we were then asked to imagine and illustrate what we thought might be in the bag of someone famous.  In hindsight, perhaps I should have added a few more things to make it a little more obvious, since my bag of contents definitely had a large dose of creative license.  But for now, can you guess whose bag I had to illustrate?