The Pattern Curve!

At last, I have made the commitment to finish the final year of my degree, my youngest will be starting school in September and now seems like the right time!  After much thought and deliberation, I've chosen to pursue Textiles and Surface Pattern Design. While I'm incredibly excited at the prospect, I'm also slightly nervous and a little apprehensive.  Having already done the first two years with a young family in tow, I am under no illusions of how tough it's going to be, despite my wonderful and supportive family.  Plus, oh my goodness I have got so much to learn about pattern!  So in an attempt to start as I mean to carry on, I've been going slightly pattern crazy by starting with some of my existing work and getting to grips with creatine pattern repeats in photoshop.  Hopefully, with some practice my pattern designing will become a little more sophisticated.  I'm really intrigued at the thought of looking back in a years time and seeing how my work has evolved!


Mats Bootcamp 2018 - Inside My Bag!

It's come back around to that time of year again and Mats Bootcamp is here at last, along with a familiar buzz, as friends old and new come together to create art from all corners of the globe.  Artists on the whole tend to be a kindly bunch and the Mats community is full of inspiration and support.  It attracts the real pro's, the beginners and everything in between and I always come away feeling utterly enriched and often with a new friend or two.  The days leading up to the first assignment are filled with the kind of excitement you feel as a little kid waiting for Christmas!  So it is with great joy that I can share with you what I've been getting up to during this first week of the mini assignment: 'What's in My Bag'.  This has been a fascinating exercise, I suppose we don't often analyse exactly what we carry around with us everyday, but the process of doing just that has strangely taught me a great deal about myself and my own personal style.