Etsy On the Horizon ...

It has been absolutely sweltering hot in my little studio and since my windows don't actually open I have been slowly melting, add children's school holidays into the mix and the result is not a lot has been getting created!  However, I have been managing to rework some of my existing images in the cooler evenings while mulling over the idea of preparing to open an Etsy shop in the near future.  For now, here's my little folk tin with an update all of its own, including a new background!

Handpainted Folk Art Tea Tin with Mouse and Chaffinch Bird by Susie Batsford

Repeat Pattern in Blue & White

It's been 3 days since the snow came to Devon, the first snow in 5 whole years and our first ever 'Red' weather warning. Everything really came to a standstill, the UK isn't equipped to deal with these weather conditions. All the local schools closed, much to the children's delight and we now have igloos and snowmen scattered around the garden. In the meantime, I have taken the opportunity to stay warm and concentrate on learning about seamless repeat patterns in photoshop. I've taken some of the icons from my vase of flowers to make this repeat pattern to be used as wrapping paper with my Mothers Day card for Folio Focus. It's taken forever to learn, but I have finally achieved what a year ago, seemed like the impossible!


Time for a Bit of Hygge!

Being with the ones we love, creating happy experiences, atmosphere and a homely environment, who doesn't love a bit of Hygge!  Although Christmas has come and gone, I am still working on my Christmas portfolio along with a whole host of other lovely peeps led by Victoria Johnson.  Yup, I signed up for a second round of Create Christmas and week 1 was all about Christmas Hygge.  Perfect while the temperatures outside are on the minus scale, the wind is howling and the rain is unrelenting.  So, here's my take on a folk design with a Swedish Dala Horse.


Mats Bootcamp 2018 - Inside My Bag!

It's come back around to that time of year again and Mats Bootcamp is here at last, along with a familiar buzz, as friends old and new come together to create art from all corners of the globe.  Artists on the whole tend to be a kindly bunch and the Mats community is full of inspiration and support.  It attracts the real pro's, the beginners and everything in between and I always come away feeling utterly enriched and often with a new friend or two.  The days leading up to the first assignment are filled with the kind of excitement you feel as a little kid waiting for Christmas!  So it is with great joy that I can share with you what I've been getting up to during this first week of the mini assignment: 'What's in My Bag'.  This has been a fascinating exercise, I suppose we don't often analyse exactly what we carry around with us everyday, but the process of doing just that has strangely taught me a great deal about myself and my own personal style.