What You Seek Is Seeking You

This months Bootcamp was to design a journal cover based around tea and particularly tasseomancy, the old art of reading tea leaves. I've been really into painting portraits lately so decided I wanted to focus my work around a fortune teller. Many moons ago I used to quite enjoy reading tarot cards and so my gypsy fortune teller, is based on the 2nd card in the Major Arcana, The High Priestess. She's intuitive, empathetic, independent and has a wonderfully balanced equilibrium. The quote I've used: 'What you seek is seeking you' was written over 800 years ago by the well known mystical Persian poet Rumi. In todays world of violence and uncertainty, it seems more important than ever to keep hope alive and remember the incredible importance of our spiritual journey, a healthy soul and our connection to everything and everyone! Quiet moments of contemplation seem so hard to come by in our fast paced lives. It's important to give ourselves some sacred space, whether that be a walk in nature or curling up with a cup of tea in a candle lit room. Quiet reflection recharges us and that in turn my friends, allows us to focus on kindness to others. Here's a link for you to check out the Mats Bootcamp February gallery.


The Origins of British Tea

So for Bootcamp this month our mini assignment is all about tea.  Yup, anything and everything and if you love tea like me then that equals quite a lot of fun.  Since I love history too I have been digging around and discovered that tea was actually bought to England in about 1662 by Queen Catherine of Braganza, the wife of Kind Charles II. It was initially extremely expensive and so only the elite classes could afford it but as time went by it became more affordable and therefore accessible to ordinary people.  The little poem around the top of the painting that I've written reads: 'Queen Catherine of Braganza was rather partial to her tea. She said it kept her calm and restored her sanity. The King did, the Queen did and then the Court did too. Until the whole of England enjoyed a daily brew'.


A Few Moments of Peace and Quiet!

My goodness life is moving at a fast pace at the moment and I'm trying to cram so much in.  Those moments of peace and quiet are rare and golden!  Molly Mouse knows all about that, she's grabbing 5 minutes of calm to drink her tea in peaceful serenity before the children arrive home from school and chaos ensues!